Our collection is divided into different areas and is covering the history of personal computers. Our main focus is on game consoles and home computers of the 8- and 16-/32-bit generation. Apart from computers and game consoles special collections show the history of companies and products.

Video Games (Telespiele)

Electronic Toys

Electronic toys were at the very beginning of the history of portable consoles.

Game consoles

Handhelds (portable consoles)


Home Computers

Business Computer, pocket computers, PDAs

Retro-Computing (computers from 80's)

Games and Software

Home computers and game consoles only became attractive because of software and games. Both were the criteria why to buy a special type of computer or game console. In Germany the Commodore 64 was the most popular home computer, because a lot of software was offered for it.


Books and magazines often helped a computer system to become popular, because they provided a good documentation for software developers who wanted to extend the system.


Chips and development system – everything that does not fit into one of our categories: