Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1/PSX) Spiele und Software

Titel Herausgeber Jahr System Medium Bemerkung ID
007 - Der Morgen Stirbt Nie PS1 CD
007 Racing Electronic Arts 15.12.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-03355
Action Bass Take-Two Interactive 29.09.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-03105
Actua Soccer Gremlin Interactive 1995 PS1 CD EU, „ auch „RanSoccer“ und „Fotball Feber“
Actua Soccer 3
Ace Combat 2 Namco 30.05.1997 PS1 CD JP SLPS-00830
Adidas Power Soccer 2 Shen/Psygnosis 1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00857
Adidas Power Soccer International '97 Psygnosis 04.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00270
Air Combat (Platinum) SCEE 3.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SCES-00007
Alien Trilogy Probe Entertainment/Acclaim PS1 CD DE
Aladdin Nasiras Rache SCEE 01.12.2000 PS1 CD EU, “ engl „Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge“ „ SCES-03000
Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis SCEE 18.06.1999 PS1 CD EU , “ auch „Smash Court 2“ (JP) „ SCES-01833
Arc the Lad III SCEI 28.10.1999 PS1 CD JP, SCPS-10106
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. Acclaim 23.11.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-02617
Army Men 3D 3DO 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02378
Akuji the Heartless Eidos Interactive 02.1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01298
Autobahn Raser II Davilex 1998 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „A2 Racer II“ „ SLES-02341
Autumn/Christmas Releases (Demo 1) PS1 CD Demo Disc SCED-00273
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel SunSoft 12.1.996 PS1 CD EU SLES-00493
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2 SunSoft 1.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-01024
Batman: Gotham City Racer Ubisoft 01.05.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-02874
Baldies Phoenix Gamesm 08.08.2003 PS1 CD EU, eingeschweißt SLES-04091
BDFL Manager 2001 Codemasters 04.02.2001 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „LMA Manager 2001“ „ SLES-02977
BeatMania Konami PS1 CD inkl. DJ Pult
Beyblade: Let it Rip! Atari 22.08.2003 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Bakuten Shoot Beyblade“ (JP) „ SLES-04093
Beach Volleyball Carapace/Infogrames 27.10.2000 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball“ (US) „ SLES-02808
Blasto SCEE 08.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-01224
Bundesliga 2000 - Der Fussball-Manager PS1 CD Engl., „The F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2000“ “
Bundesliga Stars 2000 PS1 CD
Box Champions 2000 Black Ops Entertainment/Electronic Arts 20. Jan PS1 CD „ auch „Knockout Kings 2000“ “
Box Champions 2001 EA Sports PS1 CD „ engl., „Knockout Kings 2001“ “
Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear eilt zur Hilfe! (Platinum) Activision 03.11.2000 PS1 CD EU, „ engl. „Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!“ “ SLES-02067
Championship Motocross 2001 featuring Ricky Carmichael THQ 06.04.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03252
Civilization II Activision 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01794
Cold Blood SCEE 14.07.2000 PS1 CD EU SCES-02149-SCES-12149
Colin McRae Rally PS1 CD
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Codemasters 09.06.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02605
Colony Wars Psygnosis 111.997 PS1 CD EU SLES-10860, SLES-00860
Colony Wars: Vengeance Psygnosis 1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-01392
Command & Conquer. Teil 1: Der Tiberiumkonflikt (Platinum) Westwood Studios/Virgin Interactive 1997 PS1 CD EU, deutsch SLES 00532
Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot Westwood Studios PS1 CD „ engl., „Command & Conquer: Red Alert“ “
Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot - Gegenschlag Westwood PS1 CD
Constructor Acclaim 1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00927
Crusaders of Might and Magic 3DO 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02582
CT Special Forces LSP 20. Feb PS1 CD EU SLES-03986
Das Dschungelbuch: Groove Party Ubisoft PS1 CD „ engl, „Walt Disney's The Jungle Book: Groove Party“ “
Das fünfte Element SCEE 1.01.1998 PS1 CD EU, „ engl. „The Fifth Element“ “ SCES-01285
Die 24 Stunden von Le Mans Infogrames PS1 CD „ engl., auch „Test Drive Le Mans“ “
Die Monster AG: Schreckens-Insel PS1 CD
Dino Crisis Capcom 29.10.1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-02207
Dino Crisis 2 Capcom/Virgin Interactive PS1 CD
Disney's Story Studio: Mulan SCEE 2000 PS1 CD EU SCES-01695
Disney's der Schatzplanet Disney Interactive 07.02.2003 PS1 CD EU SCES-03939
Disruptor Schluss mit lustig (Play Time Over!) PS1 CD
DefCon 5 Psygnosis 21.996 PS1 CD EU SLES-00081
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 Bandai PS1 CD
Driver GT Interactive 02.07.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-01816
Eagle One: Harrier Attack Glass Ghost/Infogrames 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-01715
Egypt II: Die Prophezeiung von Helipo Cryo Interactive PS1 CD „ engl., „Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy“ “ SLES-03374
Erlebe den Zauber von Disney auf der PlayStation Sony 20. Mrz PS1 CD „ Demo-Spiele von Disney-Spielen „Tarzan“ , “ ASIN
Eternal Eyes SunSoft 2000 PS1 CD EU, „ auch „Koukroseatro“ (JP) “ SLES-02270
Euro 2000 Electronic Arts 08.10.2000 PS1 CD EU, „ bzw. „UEFA Euro 2000““ SLES-02704
Evo's Space Adventures Take-Two Interactive 15.06.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-01871
Explosive Racing Funsoft 12.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00716
F1 2000 PS1 CD
F1 Racing Championship Ubisoft 15.09.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02501
F1 Championship Season 2000 Electronic Arts 24.11.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-03117
F1 Formula 1 '98 PS1 CD
F1 World Grand Prix Eidos 20. Jan PS1 CD EU SLES-03102
Fade to Black (Classics) Electronic Arts 15.09.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-00209
Fade to Black (Platinum) Electronic Arts 5.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00209
Family Games Compendium. 20 Games Midas Interactive Entertainment 30.06.2001 PS1 CD DE SLES-13485, SLES-03485
FIFA 98: Die WM-Qualifikation PS1 CD ohne Booklet
FIFA 99 Electronic Arts PS1 CD
FIFA 2000 PS1 CD
FIFA Fussball Weltmeisterschaft 2002 PS1 CD
FIFA Fussball 2003 Electronic Arts PS1 CD
FIFA Football 2004 Electronic Arts 24.10.2003 PS1 CD EU SLES-04115
Fear Effect Eidos Interactive 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-02166 12166 22166 32166
Firo & Klawd BMG Interactive Entertainment 1.11.1996 PS1 CD EU SLES-00094
Ford Truck Mania Gotham Games 19.09.2003 PS1 CD EU SLES-04109
Formula One Arcade Studio 33/Sony 19.07.2002 PS1 CD EU SCES-03886
Formel 1 PS1 CD „ auch „Formula 1“ “
3 x Formel 1 '97 Psygnosis 9.1.1997 PS1 CD EU, „ auch „Formula 1 97“ “ SLES-00859
Formel 1 98 PS1 CD „ auch engl. „Formula 1 98“ “
Formel 1 99 PS1 CD „ auch engl. „Formula One 99“ “
Formel One 99 SCEE 1999 PS1 CD EU, „ auch „Formula 1 '99“ (JP) “ SCES-01979
Formula Karts Special Edition Telstar 1.11.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00726
Fussball Manager Bundesliga 2001 Electronic Arts/EA Sports 2000 PS1 CD „ auch „The F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2001“ “
G-Police Psygnosis 1.01.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00082/SLES-10082
Galerians Crave 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02328 - SLES-22328
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Quiz Software 2000 21.06.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02693
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten 2 Software 2000 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02441
Golden Goal 98 Take-Two Interactive 4.1.1998 PS1 CD „ „Alexi Lalas International Soccer“ in US “ SLES-01222
Goldie Midas Interactive Entertainment 01.09.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02952
Gran Turismo 2: The Real Driving Simulator SCEE 27.10.2000 PS1 CD EU SCES-02380/12380
GTA: Grand Theft Auto: European Version (Platinum) Take-Two Interactive 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-00032
Grand Theft Auto 2 Take-Two Interactive 22.10.1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01404
Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens Argonaut Games/EA PS1 CD „ engl. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets“ „
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Banjyou Yuugi
Premium Box
Koei 26.06.2003 PS1 CD JP SLPM-87241
HBO Boxing Acclaim 16.02.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-02738
Hidden & Dangerous Take-Two Interactive 23.11.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03602
Hugo 2 PS1 CD
Hunchback of Notredame The Code Monkeys/Midas 12.04.2002 PS1 CD EU SLES-02958
Hot Wheels Extreme Racing THQ 21.10.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03595
International Superstar Soccer Pro KCET/Konami 5.1.1997 PS1 CD “ auch „Goal Storm '97“ in US „ SLES-00559
International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 Konami 1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-01218
International Track & Field Konami 7.1.1996 PS1 CD EU, Deutsch SLES-00333?
International Track & Field 2 PS1 CD
I.Q Final SCEI 23.12.1998 PS1 CD JP, “ auch „Kurushi Final: Mental Blocks“ in EU „ SCPS-10071
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 Acclaim 07.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-01281
Jimmy White's 2: Cueball Bam Entertainment 09.03.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-01334
Judge Dredd (Zoo Classics) Zoo Digital Publishing 31.10.2003 PS1 CD EU SLES-00755
Junior Sports Football Infogrames 23.11.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03581
King of Bowling Aisystem Tokyo/Coconuts Japan 29.09.1995 PS1 CD JP SLPS-00092
Kokumeikan: Trap Simulation Game Tecmo 25.07.1996 PS1 CD JP, “ engl. „Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness“ „ SLPS 00249
Kowloon's Gate
Limited Edition
Sony/Artdink 28.02.1997 PS1 CD JP SLPS-00669~00672
LEGO Rock Raiders Lego Media 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-01690
Lucky Luke PS1 CD
Macross Digital Mission VF-X Bandai 28.02.1997 PS1 CD JP SLPS-00386
Madden 2000 EA Sports 1999 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Madden NFL 2000“ „ SLES-02192
Martian Gothic: Unification Take-Two Interactive 05.10.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-01350
Michael Schumacher Racing World Kart 2002 JoWooD Entertainment AG 18.09.2002 PS1 CD EU SLES-03931
Micro Machines V3 Codemasters 3.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00016
Millennium Soldier: Expendable Infogrames 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-01716
Monopoly Hasbro Interactive 11.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00945
Motocross Mania Deibus Studios/Take-Two Interactive 13.07.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03325
MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch Gotham Games 31.10.2003 PS1 CD EU SLES-03967
MTV Sports: Snowboarding PS1 CD ohne Booklet
MTV Sports: Pure Ride THQ 03.11.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-03162
Music 2000 Codemasters 11.1.1999 PS1 CD EU, “ in US „MTV Music Generator“ „ SLES-02224
Moorhuhn 3 … Es gibt Huhn! Phenomedia 15.10.2001 PS1 CD EU
Namco Museum Vol. 3 (PlayStation the Best) Namco 28.10.1999 PS1 CD JP SLPS-91160
NASCAR 98 PS1 CD ohne Booklet
NASCAR 2000 EA Sports 29.02.2000 PS1 CD US
Newcomer: Be A Popstar Eidos Interactive 23.11.2001 PS1 CD SLES-03659
Newman Haas Racing Psygnosis 4.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00933
Need for Speed III PS1 CD
Need for Speed: Brennender Asphalt Electronic Arts 30.03.199 PS1 CD SLES-01789
NBA Pro 98 Konami 4.1998 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „NBA In The Zone '98“ „ SLES-00882
NBA Live 98 Electronic Arts 12.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00906
NHL 2001 PS1 CD
NHL Faceoff Sony/SCEE 5.1.1995 PS1 CD EU SCES-00220
NHL FaceOff '97 Killer Game/SCEA 3.1.1997 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „NHL PowerRink '97“ in JP „ SCES-00392
No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking (Value) Codemasters 26.01.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-00849
Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996 PS1 CD
Panzer Front Avalon Interactive 17.04.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03339
PGA Tour 96 EA Sports/Electronic Arts Victor 11.1.1995 PS1 CD EU SLES-00073
Player Manager Ninety Nine Infogrames 7.1.1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01766
PoPoLoCrois Monogatari SCEI 12.07.1996 PS1 CD JP SCPS-10023
Populous: The Beginning Electronic Arts 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01760
2 x Porsche Challenge Sony Computer Entertainment(SCEE) 4.1997 PS1 CD EU SCES-00409
Premier Manager 98 Gremlin Interactive 07.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00738
Prince Naseem Boxing Codemasters 03.11.2000 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Mike Tyson Boxing“ (EU) „ SLES-00017
Psychic Force Acclaim 7.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00629
Racing Simulation 2 Ubisoft 10.1.1999 PS1 CD “ auch „Monaco Grand Prix“ „
Raging Skies SCEE 9.1.1996 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Bogey: Dead 6“ bzw. „Sidewinder“ in US „ SCES-00222
Railroad Tycoon II PopTop Software 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02426
Rapid Racer SCEE 10.1.1997 PS1 CD EU, “ in US „Turbo Prop Racing“ „ SCES-00394
Rayman Rush PS1 CD ohne Booklet
Rayman 2: The Great Escape Ubisoft 09.08.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02906
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing PS1 CD
Real Robot Battle Line Banpresto 12.08.1999 PS1 CD JP SLPS-02139
Reel Fishing Natsume 1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-01727
Re-Volt Acclaim 16.09.1999 PS1 CD EU, mehrsprachige Version SLES-01973
R/C Stunt Copter Interplay 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01459
Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchu Sony 26.02.1998 PS1 CD JP, “ „Tenchu: Stealth Assassins“ in EU/US „ SLPS-01272
Road Rage Konami 01.08.1997 PS1 CD EU, “ „Speed King“ in JP „ SLES-00543
Road Rash 3D Electronic Arts 6.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00910
Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue Darkblack/THQ 23.11.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03702
Ronaldo V-Football Infogrames 09.06.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-00995
Ronin Blade Konami 1999 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Soul of the Samurai“ (US) „ SLES-02094
RTL Skispringen 2002 mit Martin Schmi VCC Entertainment/THQ 23.11.2001 PS1 CD EU,“ engl. „RTL Ski Jumping 2002“ „ SLES-03772
Rugrats Studio Tour THQ 11.10.1999 PS1 CD US SLUS-00880
Sampras Extreme Tennis Codemasters 11.1.1996 PS1 CD EU SLES-00217
Sampaguita (Yarudora Series Vol. 3) Sugar & Rockets/SCEI 15.10.1988 PS1 CD JP SCPS-10067-8
Sanvein Midas Interactive Entertainment 01.09.2000 PS1 CD EU,“ auch „Starfighter Sanvein“ (US) „ SLES-02919
SD Gundam G Generation Zero Bandai 12.08.1999 PS1 CD JP SLPS-0220-2 auch SLPS-02200/SLPS-02201
Shadow Man Acclaim 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-00947
ShaoLin THQ 31.10.2000 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Lord of Fist“ (JP) „ SLES-01658
Shrek: Treasure Hunt TDK Mediactive 29.11.2002 PS1 CD EU SLES-03996
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 1: The Mahjong Culture Publishers 22.10.1998 PS1 CD JP, Reprint?? SLPS-01631
Small Soldiers
Soumatou Tecmo 09.12.1999 PS1 CD JP, “ engl. „Deception III: Dark Delusion“ „ SLPS-02479
Soviet Strike (Platinum) Electronic Arts 3.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00509
Space Jam Acclaim 3.1.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00284
Spec Ops: Airborne Commando Take-Two Interactive 02.07.2003 PS1 CD EU SLES-03891
Spider Man Activision PS1 CD
Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol TalonSoft 15.01.2000 PS1 CD EU, deutsche Version SLES-00844
Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol TalonSoft 15.01.2000 PS1 CD EU, mehrsprachige Version SLES-00844
SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge THQ 16.11.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03704
Steel Reign SCEE 2.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SCES-01023
Street Scooters TYO 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02528
Striker '96 Time Warner Interactive 2.1.1996 PS1 CD EU SLES-00023
Superbike 2000 (Classics) Electronic Arts 16.02.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-02538
Super Robot Taisen F Banpresto 10.12.1998 PS1 CD JP SLPS-01727
Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 Japan Art Media (JAM)/Banpresto 06.09.2001 PS1 CD JP SLPS-02863
Syphon Filter SCEE 09.07.1999 PS1 CD EU SCES-01910
Tekken 2 PS1 CD ohne Booklet
Tekken 3 Namco 26.03.1998 PS1 CD JP SLPS-01300
The Italian Job SCi 05.10.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03489
The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home Ubisoft 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02343
The Mission Microids 22.12.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-03234
The X-Files SCEE 9.1.1999 PS1 CD EU SCES-31565, SCES-01565
Theme Park World Electronic Arts 16.02.2001 PS1 CD EU,“ auch „Sim Theme Park“ in US „ SLES-02688
Thunderhawk 2: Firestorm (Platinum) Eidos Interactive 01.05.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00144
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 EA Sports 31.03.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02551
TOCA Touring Car Championship Codemasters 1997 PS1 CD
TOCA 2: Touring Cars Codemaster s 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01542
TOCA World Touring Cars Codemasters 25.08.2000 PS1 CD EU, deutsche Version SLES-02572
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Ubisoft Exclusive) Ubisoft 20. Feb PS1 CD EU SLES-01136
Tomb Raider II (Platinum) Eidos Interactive 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-00718/P
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Eidos Interactive 1998 PS1 CD EU
Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation Eidos Interactive 1999 PS1 CD SLES-02241
Tomb Raider: Sur les Traces de Lara Croft Core Design/Eidos 2000 PS1 CD “ auch „Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles“ „
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpu-Cyou Emaki
(auch Kenpuu Chou Emaki)
Shout! Designworks/Asmik Ace Entertainment 13.07.2000 PS1 CD JP SLPS-02834~7
Total Drivin Ocean Nov 97 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „M6 Turbo Racing“ „ SLES-00307
Total NBA '96 Sony/SCEA 3.1.1996 PS1 CD EU, “ auch„NBA ShootOut“ in US „ SCES-00067
Total NBA '97 SCEE/SCEA 3.1.1997 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „NBA ShootOut '97“ in US „ SCES-00623
Toy Story 2 Disney/Pixar PS1 CD
Treasures of the Deep SCEE 6.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SCES-00850
Triple Play Baseball 2000 EA Sports PS1 CD
Tsuwadou Seabass Fishing (PlayStation the Best) Oz Club 25.03.1999 PS1 CD JP SLPS-91125
Tunguska: Legend of Faith Take-Two Interactive 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-03298
Tunnel B1 Ocean 1.01.1996 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Finalist“ (US) „ SLES-00322
UEFA Striker Rage Software/Infogrames 2000 PS1 CD “ auch „Striker Pro 2000“ „
Urban Chaos Eidos Interactive 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02071
V-Rally: Championship Edition (Platinum) Infogrames 1999 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Need for Speed: V-Rally“ (US) „ SLES-00250
V-Rally Championship Edition 2 (Platinum) Infogrames 10.06.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-01907
V-Rally Championship Edition 2 (Best of Infogrames) Infogrames 27.04.2001 PS1 CD EU,“ auch „Need for Speed: V-Rally 2“ (US) „ SLES-01907
Vampire Savior Capcom 31.05.2001 PS1 CD JP, EX Edition (CapKore) SLPM-86815
Vanishing Point Acclaim 09.03.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-02534
Victory Boxing Challenger 3DO 04. Feb PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Contender 2“ (US) „ SLES-02727
Victory Boxing Contender Virgin Interactive 12.10.2001 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Victory Boxing 2“ (EU) „ SLES-03599
VR Sports Powerboat Racing Interplay 3.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00931
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour Eidos Interactive 23.06.2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-02733
WarGames: DefCon 1 MGM/UA May 1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00978
Warhammer: Dark Omen Electronic Arts 07.04.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-01159
Warzone 2100 Eidos Interactive 31.05.1999 PS1 CD EU, 2000 SLES-00937
Wer wird Millionär Eidos 15.01.2002 PS1 CD deutsche Version SLES-03594
Wild 9 Interplay 9.1.1998 PS1 CD EU, “ auch „Wildroid 9“ (JP) „ SLES-01333
Wing Over JVC Digital Studios 1.01.1997 PS1 CD EU SLES-00540
World's Scariest Police Chases Activision 29.06.2001 PS1 CD EU SLES-03425
Worms (Best of Infogrames) Infogrames 2000 PS1 CD EU SLES-00119
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship Arcade (Platinum) SCEE 22.08.2003 PS1 CD EU SCES-03907
WWF Attitude Acclaim 1999 PS1 CD EU SLES-01980
WWF War Zone Acclaim 9.1.1998 PS1 CD EU SLES-00804
Yetisports Deluxe JoWooD 12.11.2004 PS1 CD EU SLES-04164