Schools visits to the BINARIUM

The BINARIUM is a good place for a school excursion with children and young adults up from class 5 (secondary school level I).

The excursion to the German museum of digital culture is divided into the following parts:

Arrival: After your arrival we get ready for your visit to the museum.

Guided tour (as an option): One of our qualified team members will give the school class a guided tour (60 min) through the museum with a lot of fun and information. Follow our exciting presentation into the large world of video game consoles and video games.

Museum rally: We also offer a rally through our museum, if you like. The sheet guides visitors to all of our exposed objects and supports an active tour. The questions will create excitement and they provide input for discussions. We also provide special sheets for teachers with the answers to the questions and helpful information to prepare the tour and to discuss the results back in school.

Time to play: After the tour, it is time to play, because playing is fun! People who play together will improve their creativity, communication skills and build up friendship with class members. Players will have to obey rules and learn to cope with frustration. Our highly qualified team members will give you input to reflect about digital media. Finally, there is time to take a group photo.

The BINARIUM shows how a museum can be full of life and up to date. Our consoles and games tell exciting stories. And you learn how to be aware of your senses and how technical history will help us even today.

Please have a look at our visitor information page too. We wish you a lot of fun in our museum and a very exciting day!