Our mission


The BINARIUM is a Museum for personal computers and game consoles in Dortmund.


Old computers and game consoles are returning into the focus today, because many people have had an emotional relationship with their first (home) computer and video game console. Many gave their Commodore 64 or Schneider CPC away and are happy to get in contact with them again and to play with Pong consoles or the Atari 2600. The reason is the simplicity of these systems that many people wish back. As Khalil Gibran said: „What you have loved as a child, will stay in your heart until the high age.“

The new museum gives space to the history and development of personal computers and game consoles. It is our aim to run the largest museum for home computers and game consoles from all generations and show the artifacts to all interested visitors.

Visitors can experience history of game consoles and home computers, test the devices, press on the keyboards and listen to their buzzing. The artifacts are sorted into the context of history and the present.

What is the meaning of the name BINARIUM?
The word BINARIUM is composed of two parts: BIN means binary – how a computer works internally: on or off. The suffix ARIUM means a special place but also a collection of something. Therefore the BINARIUM is a collection of binary working machines.


With the UNESCO Charter on digital cultural heritage of 2003 digital media are accepted as part of the world heritage. The BINARIUM follows the principle of „BEFU“:

  • Bilden/Erleben (Education/Experience)
  • Erhalten (Preservation)
  • Forschen (Research)
  • Unterhalten/Erholen (Entertainment)


  • April 2011. Start of the project
  • July 2014. Purchase of the building in Dortmund Huckarde
  • March 2015. Department of construction allows usage of the former Ruhrkohle building for the purpose of a museum
  • May 2015. Start of renovation
  • February 2016. Registration of the mark BINARIUM
  • October 2016. Opening of Bistro NETZWERK
  • December 2016. Official opening of the BINARIUM museum

Compared to other private collections, the BINARIUM might belong to the top ten in Germany by artifacts. (It is difficult to compare exactly, Old-Computers and Consoleprofiler can only provide an estimate.)