Coffee, Cake, realxed atmosphere. Welcome to the Café/Bistro NETZWERK

The café/Bistro NETZWERK is located in Dortmund-Huckarde, not far away from the city center. During summer, our beautiful terrace invites you for a break. For the winter season we have a comfortable 70 m² room. The NETZWERK is a meeting point for young and old people with a big selection of cold and warm drinks.

Our focus is on our café with many sweet cakes.


H�i�s�i�l�i�c�o�n� �B�a�l�o�n�g

You can get to the NETZWERK at Hülshof 28 by public transport, car or bicycle. The road Hülshof is the extension of the Emscher Schnellweg and is leading through the Gewerbegebiet Hansa. The Huckarder Bushof bus and subway station is only a 3 minute walk away.



The NETZWERK is more than just a beautiful location. We offer a big selection of events, like karaoke singing or presentations.

You can also reserve a table. Just call 0231/53315125 for further information.